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The holy land of India holds a great significance for festivals and festivals since ancient times. In the last blog, VBee told you about major religious fairs in India. This blog will look at the 5 unique non-religious fairs in India. The government-announced date for the particular event is also attached to the story. I bet you can’t miss a chance to attend all these fairs at least once in a lifetime.

Pushkar Mela

Pushkar Mela, also known as Pushkar Fair or Pushkar Camel Festival, is one of India’s most important non-religious fairs. It is a multi-day livestock fair celebrated annually. Livestock such as camels, cattle, and horses are traded these days.


Story behind the origin:

There is no such story behind the origin of Pushkar Meka, but yeah, the entire atmosphere during fair days becomes so exotic and festive. It is said that the whole ceremony begins with hundreds of beautiful bred horses and camels mounted by riders in aesthetic Rajasthani wear.

Where is Pushkar Fair held?

Pushkar Fair is organized annually in the town of Pushkar near Ajmer district of Rajasthan.

When is Pushkar Mela held?

As per Hindu calendar Pushkar Mela starts in the Kartik month and ends on the day Kartik Purnima. These days usually fall in October or November on the Gregorian calendar.

Other important facts about Pushkar Mela:

During fair days sports and fun events like tug of war, Matka phod, longest mustache competition, camel races, and Rajasthani bridal competition are held, and notable awards are given to the winners.

Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival is the only carnival celebration in India. The carnival marks some colorful and vibrant days in Goa.

Story behind the Goa Carnival:

The Goa Carnival was introduced in India by the Portuguese folk. It is the only pre-lent celebration in India. Based on the Catholic tradition, the carnival marks limitless partying and food consumption before the 40 days of Lent.


Where is the Goa Carnival held?

Goa Carnival is celebrated on the streets of Goa with joy and enthusiasm.

When is the Goa Carnival held?

Every year Goa Carnival is held in February or march. This year it was celebrated from 26 February to 1 March.

Other important facts about Goa Carnival:

Earlier, the Goa Carnival was celebrated in Portuguese culture, but with time it has evolved in Goan tradition too. The carnival started with the grand carnival, King Momo.

Hornbill Festival

Hornbill Festival of Nagaland is a celebration of Naga tribes. Visitors and tourists from all around the globe come to witness this heritage festival. Everyone during the festival gets a fair chance to observe the Naga culture and traditions closely.


Story behind the Hornbill Festival:

The Hornbill festival is named after the bird Hornbill. The bird Hornbill is described many times in different folklore of Nagaland. The celebration glorifies various events like Art and Craft Stalls, Fashion walks, Herbal Medicines Stalls, Traditional Archery, Beauty Contests, Naga Wrestling, and Music Concerts.

Where is the Hornbill Festival held?

Hornbill Festival is celebrated at the exotic Naga Heritage Village, which is around 12 km away from the capital city Kohima.

When is the Hornbill Festival held?

Every year Hornbill Festival is in the month of December. Usually, it is celebrated in the first week. This year the government has announced 1-10 December as the final dates of the Hornbill Festival.

Other important facts about Hornbill Festival:

You will be amazed to know the Hornbill festival is also known as the “Festival of Festivals” of Nagaland. It is India’s most extraordinary tribal gathering. This year the country will witness the 22nd Hornbill Festival.

Rann Utsav

Celebrated in the beautiful Kutch of Gujarat, Rann Utsav is the best way to enjoy Kutchi or Gujarati traditions. The White Rann of Kutch is decorated with beautiful tiny luxury tents and other stalls. Like Goa Carnival, the Rann Utsav marks the beauty of dance music and fun.


Story behind the Rann Utsav:

The festival was started to celebrate the glory of different Gujarati tribes. Each year around 32 troupes from different cities of Gujarat take part in Rann Utsav.

Where is Rann Utsav held?

Rann Utsav is celebrated in the White Rann of Kutch, Gujarat.

When is Rann Utsav held?

Every year Rann Utsav is held in October. The government of Gujarat has officially announced the dates for this year, i.e., from 26th October 2022 to 20th February 2023.

Other important facts about Rann Utsav:

Along with fun activities, visitors can also enjoy special activities like full moon day in Kutch, star gazing in Kutch, etc. You can check the latest prices for accommodations and events from the official website.

Desert Festival

Desert Festival is celebrated in the beautiful Desert State of Rajasthan in India. It is one of the most colorful and popular events in Rajasthan. Thousands of tourists worldwide mark their presence during these three days’ long celebrations.


Story behind the Desert Festival:

Founded by Rawal Jaisal, the Desert Festival was started with the idea of preserving the cultural beauty of the Golden City, Jaisalmer.

Where is the Desert Festival held?

The Desert Festival is celebrated in Golden City, Jaisalmer.

When is the Desert Festival held?

Every year Desert Festival is held in Hindu Magh month, which is usually February in Gregorian Calendar. This year the dates are fixed from 13th to 16th February.

Other important facts about Desert Festival:

The Desert Festival is also popularly known as Maru Mahotsav.

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