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Rajasthan – the ultimate state of fairs and festivals in India. Since forever, Rajasthan has had an unbeatable legacy of traditions and celebrations. Every year numerous fairs are organized magnificently and stunningly in Rajasthan. You will never fail to spot colorful stalls, marvelous pieces of Rajasthani artifacts, traditional attires of Rajasthan, mouth-watering delicacies, folk songs, folk dance, and some incredible competitions like the longest mustache and all. Simply put, you will find every flower of life blooming and dancing in Rajasthan. One such great fair in Rajasthan is the Shilpgram Art Fair, the biggest craft fair in the region.

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If you often read us, you might know how obsessed VBee is with Rajasthan. Rajasthan is VBee’s first love. What a beautiful state to explore, enjoy and remember. In this blog, VBee will tell you about another event from Rajasthan – the Shilpgram Art Fair.

What is the Shilpgram Fair?

Shilpgram is an annual, vibrant fair held in Rajasthan. Held in the western part of the state, Shilpgram Fair is mainly hosted by the region’s craftsmen. It is organized by the West Zonal Cultural Center (WZCC), established in March 1985. The Zonal Culture Centre was established in India to promote unity in the diverse culture. The prime objective of WZCC is the creative development of Indian culture in the different regions and for building a sense of cultural cohesiveness in the country. Thus, it is also known as Shilpgram Art Fair. The main objective of holding the Shilpgram Fair every year is to promote Rajasthani art and handicrafts among the folk, especially the youth. If you are looking forward to finding some authentic Rajasthani mirror works, handicrafts, or artifacts, Shilpgram Fair is your ultimate destination.

(Do you know, this year WZCC has organized a photography competition in Shilpgram Utsav. Click here to participate)

Where is the Shilpgram Fair celebrated?

The Shilpgram fair is celebrated in the Shilpgram culture center, located within the city of lakes, Udaipur. Situated in the west of Fateh Sagar Lake, it is commonly known as a crafts village.

History of Shilpgram:

Inaugurated by Rajiv Gandhi in 1989, Shilpgram is a place to live art. Tourists from all corners of the world come here to interact and explore the artistic taste of Indian culture. Artisans from all over India come here to showcase their talents. If you are planning for a gateway in December, you should choose Rajasthan and attend this event to feel the art and culture of India.

With several huts and halts in the circumference, Shilpgram is constructed like an amphitheater in ancient architecture style. The huts are built with mud and raw materials giving the place an authentic look. These huts are basically workspaces for occupational dwellers. Though each hut is a distinct work of the architect, they are constructed in an adjoining approach, reflecting the concept of Unity in Diversity in India. Out of 26 huts, there are five from Maharashtra and Goa and seven from Gujarat. Simply put, you will feel the freshness of Indian soil while exploring your days in Shilpgram.

10 Things to do at the Shilpgram Fair, Rajasthan:

There is no doubt in this that India is a land of festivals. Each day is a unique celebration in this country. But, the Shilpgram Fair is one of a kind. Here is the list of the ten things you can’t skip at the Shilpgram Fair, Rajasthan.

  1. Explore 26 traditional huts from the famous villages of Goa, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Gujarat.
  2. Buy some glittering mirrors and crafts for your home decor.
  3. Enjoy the folk dance of Rajasthan.
  4. Learn about Rajasthani art, culture, and cuisine.
  5. Take part in any workshop and develop artistic skills.
  6. Interact with urban potters, visual artists, and designers and feel their vibe.
  7. Walk through the Crafts Bazaar and purchase a pretty piece for your loved ones.
  8. Enjoy camel rides near the place.
  9. Enjoy the cultural programmes from different states after 7 pm at the amphitheater.
  10. Search the amalgamation of rural and urban art turning into a majestic artifact.
  11. If you get the time, don’t miss the sunset from the nearby Fateh Sagar Lake.

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When is the Shilpgram Fair celebrated in Rajasthan?

The Shilpgram Fair is celebrated in December every year. This annual fair is conducted in the last ten days of the year, i.e., from 21 December to 30 December.

Shilpgram Fair_venuezz

What are the entry fees for the Shilpgram Fair, Rajasthan?

As per the recent notifications released, the entry fees for the Shilpgram Fair Rajasthan are as follows:

  • INR 30 per person for Indian Adults
  • INR 15 per person for Indian Children
  • INR 50 per person for Foreigner

What are the timings for the Shilpgram Fair, Rajasthan?

From 21 December to 30 December, you can enjoy the Shilpgram Fair every day from 11 am. But for a convenient experience, it is advised to plan your day in the afternoon as you can spot more stalls and halts.

How can you reach Shilpgram?

Well, reaching Shilpgram isn’t a big task at all. The place is located just 3 km away from Udaipur. The domestic Maharana Pratap Airport is around 24 km from Shilpgram. The location is accessible, and you can get a cab or bus from the major spots to get here.

Other sight-seeing places near Shilpgram:

Other tourist attractions that you can explore near Shilpgram include, 

  • Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal
  • Sajjangarh Palace (The Famous Monsoon Palace)
  • Lake Fateh Sagar
  • Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Tips from VBee:

Since VBee has already been to the Shilpgram Fair last year, here are a few tips she will suggest to you for a fantastic experience:

  • Don’t forget to wear your running shoes, as you have to walk pretty long while exploring the Shilpgram.
  • Carry a water bottle to avoid dehydration.
  • Carry your camera device for sure to capture the serenity of the place.
  • Try your bargaining skills while purchasing something.
  • Plan your Shilpgram tour in the month of December to enjoy the most.
  • If an artisan tries to entertain you with his skills, offer him some rewards too.

This is everything you need to know about the Shilpgram Art Fair, Rajasthan. Follow Venuezz on Instagram for more updates.