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It is said that music was brought to this world by Narada Muni. And since then, it has been a great source of entertainment. Music has always been therapy for the soul. The forms of music can never be summed up into mere words.

While someone proposes to the love of their life by singing their favorite song, others recite Vedic mantras and hymns to praise their lord. While a mother sings a lullaby to her child, on the other hand, speakers flaunt a night party. Music is omni-where. It has a special place in every occasion of life: weddings, events, parties, and much more.

With time the authenticity and class of music have evolved. These days people prefer to call talented singers and stage performers to grace their occasions. Be it a wedding or any other event.

Even the wealthiest man in India, Mukesh Ambani, has called international singer Beyonce to perform all night at his daughter’s weddings. While we definitely can’t reach Beyonce just like that, here are some talented singers and stage performers in Udaipur. Most of these are local artists, and you can call them to perform at your event.

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Talking about Talented Singers and Stage Performers in Udaipur, here is the list of top performers.

The Arth Band

Recently completed 950+ live shows, Arth Band is the most popular band in Udaipur. The band is known for its versatility in Hindi songs, whether Bollywood music or retro.

Instagram: the_arth_band

YouTube: The Arth Band

The Arth Band_venuezz
The Arth Band_venuezz

Chitwan Chandraayan

Famous for his soothing cover songs on YouTube, Chitwan Chandraayan is a local singer of Udaipur. He is also known for his live performances in the city of lakes.

Instagram: chitwan_chandraayan

YouTube: Chitwan Music Records

Chitwan Chandraayan_venuezz
Chitwan Chandraayan_venuezz

Marisha Dixit Joshi

The 26-years old talented Marisha has proven her artistry several times. She has been featured in Surilo Rajasthan17 and Udaipur Singing Idol18. She has also been a gold medallist in Music20. Marisha is known for Semiclassical music and gazals.

Instagram: marisha__sings

YouTube: Music and Melodies

Marisha Dixit Joshi_venuezz
Marisha Dixit Joshi_venuezz

Desert Rock

Like, The Arth Band, Desert Rock is also a performing band in Udaipur. The acoustic version of their latest release Zikr has ruled hundreds of hearts. You will be amazed that this local band has around 30k subscribers on YouTube.

Instagram: desertrockmusic

YouTube: Desert Rock

Desert Rock_venuezz
Desert Rock_venuezz

Priyansh Paliwal

The 29-years old performer and singer Priyansh Paliwal has come into the limelight with his recent track Maskhara. With around 13k followers on Instagram and 26k subscribers on YouTube, the singer has successfully delivered several live shows in Udaipur. He is also the founder of the Musical Event Company, SangeetNuma.

Instagram: priyanshpaliwal

YouTube: Priyansh Paliwal

Priyansh Paliwal_venuezz
Priyansh Paliwal_venuezz

Ayush Shrimali

With 3k followers on Instagram, Ayush Shrimali is acknowledged for his musical bookings and collaborations in Udaipur. Gifted with a melodious voice, Ayush is also an able guitarist.

Instagram: ayushrimali

YouTube: Ayush Shrimali

Ayush Shrimali_venuezz


Khanabadosh is a renowned musical band in Udaipur. Along with Udaipur, they have also performed several live concerts in Delhi. Their latest musical video Mumkin Nahin has crossed around 6k views on YouTube.

Instagram: khanabadosh

YouTube: Khanabadosh


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