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Have you ever heard of a luxurious river cruise whose advanced bookings are filled for 2024? Well, that’s none other than the largest river cruise, the Ganga Vilas Cruise.

When the entire India was immersed in celebrating harvesting festivals, like Lohri, Pongal, and Makar Sankranti, on 13 January 2023, the honorable PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi, launched the largest river cruise in the world. Setting a benchmark in Indian cruise tourism, MV Ganga Vilas is a luxury cruise ship that sails along the Ganges River in India and Bangladesh. 

We at Venuezz take our sincere privilege to update our readers about the current trend in the tourism sector. Scroll this blog to the end to find out about the Ganga Cruise Varanasi, the largest river cruise in the world.

Owner of the Ganga Vilas Cruise

Supported by the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways, the luxurious and ravishing Ganga Vilas Cruise is owned by the CEO and founder of Antara Luxury River Cruises, Raj Singh. He has been into this business for the past 15 years and is a renowned conservationist and wildlife author. Currently, his company has nine river cruises.

What makes Ganga Vilas Cruise so enchanting?

If you are wondering what makes the 62 meters long MV Ganga Vilas Cruise this is remarkable. The ship offers a range of amenities, including comfortable accommodations, delicious dining options, and a variety of onboard activities and entertainment. The cruise allows passengers to experience the beauty of the Ganges River and explore the rich culture and history of the region. It is one of the most luxurious and comfortable ways to explore the Ganges. 

As per the data, with 18 sophisticated suites split over two decks, the cruise can cater to up to 36 guests. The main deck carries eight suites, a gym, a lounge bar, and a pair of massage rooms. The upper deck holds ten suites, a lounge bar, a dining room, and a half-shaded sun deck covering a scenic pavilion. Here visitors can sit and enjoy the panoramic view of the enchanting Ganges. 

The interior of the cruise is inspired by 50s art, complementing India’s vivid culture and heritage. What makes Ganga Vilas more vibrant is its sustainability. The voyage is facilitated with pollution prevention and noise control technologies. In simple words, this luxurious cruise is constructed in such a way as to honor the River Ganges with minimum or no destruction.

Experience at Ganga Vilas Cruise

The world’s most extended river cruise offers you an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. It provides a rare experience for its guests to feel the unfiltered beauty of the Indian subcontinent, which is rich in heritage, including biodiversity, temples, monuments, mythologies, and a palace. The 51-day-long river cruise will sail over 3200 kilometers. It will cover 27 river systems in India and Bangladesh. During its journey, it will stop at 50 tourist destinations, including religious sites, National Parks, River Ghats, and World Heritage Sites. The cruise will board through prominent Indian and Bangladeshi Cities, including Patna, Sahibganj, Kolkata, Dhaka, and Guhawati. 

The cruise journey will start from Varanasi, embarking on the famous Ganga Aarti, continuing to Sarnath, the prominent Buddhist pilgrimage. Later it will sail to the Bay of Bengal delta, immersing the guests in the beauty of Sunderbans. It will again enter Assam from Bangladesh, witnessing the world’s largest river island Majuli, and Kaziranga National Park. It will also cover the famous Vikramshila University, Mayong, and Bihar School of Yoga. 

Simply put, the visitors can witness the encompassing art and culture, cuisine, wildlife, colonial and ancient ruins, and much more.

Three Itineraries

The Ganga Vilas Cruise offers three kinds of itineraries to its visitors.

The 21 days cruise journey from Varanasi to Kolkata.

The 31 days cruise journey from Sivasagar to Kolkata.

The 21 days cruise journey from Varanasi to Sivasagar.

Bookings and Prices

Well, if you are looking to book your seat on the Ganga Vilas Cruise, it may be a bit of waiting as the tickets are all sold for March 2024. The cost of a cruise for 51 days has yet to be clarified by any reliable source, but it is estimated to be around 25-30k INR per day. You can consider that it will take approximately 25 Lakhs INR to experience a luxurious cruise vacation on Ganga Vilas.

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Present status of Ganga Vilas Cruise

Ganga Vilas has already sailed for her first voyage on 13 January 2023. Carrying the 32 Swiss visitors, the cruise will touch Dibrugarh on 1 March 2023.

The luxurious Ganga Vilas Cruise will offer a high level of comfort, service, and amenities, making for a gratifying and relaxing vacation experience for its guests. Besides, it can play an essential role in the economy of a country by providing several benefits:

  • Tourism: Ganga Vilas Cruise will attract global tourists to the country, which can significantly impact the local economy. Tourists who take river cruises often spend money on local restaurants, shops, and other businesses, which can help to create jobs and stimulate economic growth.
  • Infrastructure: The development of ports and other infrastructure to support the river cruise has also positively impacted the economy. It includes the construction of new docking facilities, warehouses, and other buildings, as well as the improvement of existing infrastructure.
  • Job creation: The cruise has also created jobs, both directly and indirectly. Direct jobs include those related to the operation of the cruise, such as positions for crew members, tour guides, and other staff. Indirect jobs include those in businesses that provide goods and services to the cruise industry, such as transportation, lodging, and food service.
  • Local Economy: The Ganga Vilas will also benefit the local economies by providing income to local entrepreneurs, farmers, and small business owners. It can also support local initiatives such as conservation and sustainable development.
  • Branding: The cruise will help to enhance India’s reputation and brand by showcasing its natural beauty, culture, and history. This can help to attract more tourists in the future and increase the country’s visibility on the international stage.

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