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Travel and blogging are the two favorite terms of Gen Z. We all have seen in the last decade how “influencer” as a career has achieved a height in India. Influencers are the persons that own a social media channel to share content. Most of the time, their content inspires millions of people to chase a lifestyle.

India is a beautiful country with various landforms and gorgeous destinations. Many Instagram influencers reveal to us the epic beauty of Bharat by sharing their travel content through blogs, vlogs, images, and videos. This group of influencers is known as travel influencers or travel bloggers.

Most travel influencers share their own travel stories. Sharing their personal experience artfully, they are aware that their followers are from the tourism, culture, and customs of different places around the globe. Sometimes, their content is so articulate that it forces their audience to pack their bags.

VBee today will tell you some of such Indian travel influencers who share versatile travel content on their Instagram pages. They are exploring the globe and leaving us aww with their photos and blogs. Below is the latest and most comprehensive list of top Indian travel influencers as per the date 18.06.2022.

Nikhil Sharma

With a YouTube channel, Mumbiker Nikhil, Nikhil Sharma is one of India’s most flourishing Instagram travel influencers. He is also famous for his lifestyle and fashion videos. He has explored beautiful cities like London, New York, California, Canada, Vagas, LA, Qatar, India, South Korea, Greece, and Bangkok.

Instagram: @nikkkhil
No. of Followers: 1.4 M
Likes on last Instagram post: 79,212 (as of 16-06-2022)
Profession: Business

Nikhil Sharma_venuezz
Nikhil Sharma_venuezz

Savi and Vid

Explored 101 countries together is what their Instagram bio says. Savi and Vid are those high school sweethearts who married happily ever after. Now, the love birds are chasing their shared passion for traveling. The couple has traveled to different countries across the globe setting major relationship and travel goals.

Instagram: @bruisedpassports
No. of Followers: 1.2 M
Likes on last Instagram post: 10,188 (as of 16-06-2022)
Profession: Author-Photographer Duo

Savi and Vid_venuezz
Savi and Vid_venuezz

Nitibha Kaul

A travel influencer who ditched her Google job to start her content journey. In simple words, beauty with brains. Her Instagram speaks a lot about her personality. Nitibha Kaul creates content for travel, fashion, and lifestyle lovers. She has explored cities like Singapore, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Barcelona, Budapest, Madrid, India, and Barcelona.

Instagram: @nitibhakaul
No. of Followers: 936 K
Likes on last Instagram post: 10,632 (as of 16-06-2022)
Profession: Content Creator

Nitibha Kaul_venuezz
Nitibha Kaul_venuezz

Shenaz Treasury

The multitalented actress, model, writer, and host Shenaz Treasury has combined all her passion for being a travel blogger. She posts raw and pure content on Instagram. This social worker has been awarded an ET Award. She has explored places like San Francisco, Qatar, LA, and India.

Instagram: @shenaztreasury
No. of Followers: 977 K
Likes on last Instagram post: 12,165 (as of 16-06-2022)
Profession: Video Creator

Shenaz Treasury_venuezz
Shenaz Treasury_venuezz

Aakash Malhotra

VBee won’t tell you much about Aakash Malhotra; his Instagram handle Wanderwithsky describes his love for travel. “I have a crush on the world,” his Instagram bio says. He has traveled to Uttarakhand, Kashmir, Lakshadweep, Kerala, Sikkim, Ladakh, and Himachal in India. He has also covered countries like Vietnam, Iceland, Switzerland, Maldives, and Thailand.

Instagram: @wanderwithsky
No. of Followers: 678 K
Likes on last Instagram post: 23,132 (as of 16-06-2022)
Profession: Gopro Ambassador

Aakash Malhotra_venuezz
Aakash Malhotra_venuezz

If there is any other name you wanna see in the list, you can mention it in the comment box. VBee would love to know about your favorite Indian Travel Influencer.