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Viraasat, as the name suggests, is a legacy. Talking about Udaipur, the city of lakes is itself the epitome of royalty. What’s there in the city that doesn’t define the legacy and royalty of brave Mewar rulers, from the old City Palace to the very famous Monsoon Palace? From Lake Pichola to Fateh Sagar Lake, every corner of Udaipur has a story to tell you about.

Continuing this legacy and history of Udaipur, introducing to you one other incredible place in the city, Viraasat The Haveli

Viraasat The Haveli, located in old city Udaipur. VBee was invited to have a merry feast with Viraasat. Scroll down if you are interested to know what VBee has done there. Wait, first, allow me to introduce Venuezz to our readers.

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Viraasat The Haveli is a popular place for traditional Rajasthani food, North Indian food, and Continental dishes in Udaipur. It is located around 500 m from the City Palace and 1.5 km from Lake Pichola (commonly called Dudh Talai). So, on the second Monday of November 2022, our team started the journey to Viraasat The Haveli, Udaipur. It took us hardly 10 minutes from the City Palace to reach our destination. We parked our vehicles a few meters from the street in HRV paid parking. From here, we enjoyed a little 10 minute walk to reach Viraasat The Haveli. And the first thing that stole the light was the property entrance. Justifying its name, the infrastructure of the property is more of a Haveli. The aesthetically pleasing blue opening can serve as a historic backdrop for your Instagram photos. As you move inside, you will enjoy a light color corridor depicting landmark photographs and a few pieces of Rajasthani art. 

The restaurant is divided into two sitting spaces, indoor sitting and outdoor sitting. While there is an indoor arrangement for the visitors, another one is a beautiful garden setting that can be a damn good place to enjoy a romantic night dinner with the charm of your life. You can also choose the garden area on some random afternoon to experience the aura of beautiful flowers and green plants. Even if you prefer to sit indoors, you can always enjoy your food with the soothing garden view from the glass wall. The wooden panels inside are also well decorated with soft paintings and photographs. The aesthetic decor reflects a whole vibe to the place. Imagine how magical it sounds to enjoy your lunch in a room with beautiful elements admiring pretty blossoms outside in the garden. Though tables are arranged mainly to serve four or six members, they can be customized per the number of guests. It was almost evening till we reached there. The whole area was glittering with colorful lights, mesmerizing the evening. The fairy lights on the glass wall and pink blossoms outside in the garden made the place a dreamy Bollywood set.

The management had already arranged a special table for us. We were greeted with honey lemon ginger tea. A healthy yet yummy starter of the day! Isn’t it? Later, they served us ethnic Rajasthani cuisine, including Dal, Bati, Churma, Patod ki Sabji, and Desi La Maans (mutton). And we must state that Viraasat The Haveli serves one of the best authentic Rajasthani Meals in Udaipur. You can order any North Indian or Rajasthani cuisine. Our team was warmly hosted. Summing up, the blue chairs and a blue haveli took away our Monday blues. 

After the meal, we went inside the kitchen and grill area. You will be amazed to know that, unlike other restaurants, the cooking area was so clean and tidy. Even the cooks there followed all standards of hygiene. One thing is assured, you will get only fresh and neatly prepared meals at Viraasat The Haveli, Udaipur.

Apart from these, there is a smoking area. You can also order food from home and take away the food. For some special occasions, you can reserve a table here. The place has some fantastic dessert options to satisfy your palate. We were already so full to taste anything else there, but the owner insisted on trying their strawberry shake. And that is how a beautiful evening ends with a sour-sweet strawberry shake. On our way back, we walked back to the paid parking, where our cars were parked. And thank god, this 5-minute walk helped us digest the extra Bati we just had at the Viraasat The Haveli. It was indeed a delightful experience for us as well as for our tummies. Venuezz always tries to focus on incredible places in India in the spotlight section. Be it a cafe, restaurant, resort, hotel, or anything related to hospitality, tourism, and influencers of the country. If you feel that you or your brand is extraordinary in any way, call us, and we are ready to share your story with the world. For more updates, follow us on social media.