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Since ancient times, Indians have been famous for their cooking and baking skills. Their passion for taste and spices is worldwide renowned. The local folk and even the foreign visitors are found in Indian cuisines. From Makki ki Roti from Punjab to Dosa in the South, the entire Indian state is filled with an aura of different seed oils and other local spices.

Foodies of India love to explore the country’s different regions to find their particular tastes. Few of them are so popular that they are known as food bloggers on Instagram. Food Blogging in recent days has gained a position of full-time profession. Food bloggers bring not only new cuisine for you but also explore new recipes around the world.

Last time VBee told you about Indian travel influencers who are famous for their versatile travel content on Instagram. Today we will have a look at Indian Food Bloggers. Below is the latest and most comprehensive list of top Indian Food Bloggers as of 18.06.2022.

Amar Sirohi

If you are a vegetarian, you just can’t skip Amar Sirohi. The six abs handsome Amar Sirohi is one of most popular vegetarian food bloggers in India. He is verified on Instagram, Youtube, Zomato, and Facebook. Raised in Meerut, Amar is currently residing in Delhi.

Instagram: @foodie_incarnate
No. of Followers: 1.3 M
Likes on last Instagram post: 41,815 (as of 18-06-2022)
Profession: Food Blogger

Amar Sirohi_venuezz
Amar Sirohi_venuezz

Karan Dua

Recognized by The Hindu, Economic Times, Nav Bharat Times, Forbes India, Business World Magazine, Lonely Planet India, Radio City, CNBC Awaaz, and BBC News, Karan Dua is the most popular food influencer in India. He not only reveals his audience easiest recipes but also hosts events and reviews restaurants and eating joints.

Instagram: @dilsefoodie
No. of Followers: 1 M
Likes on last Instagram post: 3,952 (as of 18-06-2022)
Profession: Influencer

Karan Dua_venuezz
Karan Dua_venuezz

Shivesh Bhatia

Blogger, no no, Shivesh Bhatia is a professional baker, food blogger, and author of 2 cookbooks. He also owns a YouTube channel, Bake with Shivesh. This Delhi based handsome is famous for its baking recipes. He also gives cooking tips to beginners.

Instagram: @shivesh17
No. of Followers: 760 K
Likes on last Instagram post: 17,370 (as of 18-06-2022)
Profession: Author and Baker

Shivesh Bhatia_venuezz
Shivesh Bhatia_venuezz

Ronak Rajani

Ronak Rajani is one of the top food bloggers from Mumbai. Already explored the streets of Mumbai, the man is currently revealing the hidden flavors of Hong Kong. He explores the hidden tasteful treasures of the Mayanagari. His Instagram flaunts pictures of food, drinks, and travel. Ronak Rajani is also well known for giving honest reviews about different food and places.

Instagram: @mumbaifoodie
No. of Followers: 552 K
Likes on last Instagram post: 1,866 (as of 18-06-2022)
Profession: Chef

Ronak Rajani_venuezz
Ronak Rajani_venuezz

Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain

Delhi brothers Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain started their journey of food adventure by trying mouth-watering dishes of the Capital. From 5-star rated cakes to street chaat from the unexplored streets of Delhi, the brother-duo is famous for their versatile content on Instagram. They have 1 million followers on Facebook too.

Instagram: @thegreatindianfoodie
No. of Followers: 366 K
Likes on last Instagram post: 1,794 (as of 18-06-2022)
Profession: Blogger

Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain_venuezz
Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain_venuezz

Just like VBee, have you too observed that food and cooking have nothing to do with the genders. Overcoming the orthodox order, many handsome men in society have emerged as food bloggers and chefs in India. A proud thing for Gen Z.

If you feel VBee has missed a notable name in the list, deliver your thoughts in the comment box below. Let us create a tasty buzz in the world.

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