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You might have heard about different photographic trends. A photographer acing his success story with a damn TV commercial, someone else earning fame by his travel videos, and much more. But have you ever heard of a travel photographer making his statement with a JCB Backhoe Toy? Not yet! Right.

We at Venuezz tell you about the journey and stories of different influencers. We bring the hidden gems of talent to the world. Our job is to let the world know about you. And today also, VBee is here to tell you the journey of this fantastic photographer and traveler, Ayush Devpura, who captured his vision for traveling with an element of the JCB 3CX Backhoe toy.

The 31 years old freelance digital marketer and photographer Ayush Devpura have pursued his passion for photography and traveling. With an Instagram handle, JCB Backhoe Traveller, the young photographer, has brought a revolution of ideas to photography. He toured several beautiful cities in India, including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Udaipur, Pushkar, Rajsamand, and Omkareshwar, with his backhoe toy. And captured the authenticity and the beauty of the places from the perspective of the JCB Toy.

Telling VBee his story, the Udaipur guy Ayush shared his first travel experience with the Backhoe Toe. In 2016, he traveled and captured the world-famous Pushkar Fair, Ajmer, Rajasthan, with his toy. After Pushkar, he never looked back. His friends and family were amazed when they heard about his concept. The Rajasthan-based civil engineer cum photographer gained so much local popularity and appreciation for his unique content.

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Past childhood encounters with the JCB Backhoe Machine and his civil engineering life made him choose JCB Backhoe Machine toy over any other model or mini toy. While sharing his content on Instagram, he not only flaunts his toy and photographic skills but also shares with his audience the historical importance of the place. The architecture, cultural significance, and major features of the site. His idea is to tell stories through traveling about the different beautiful places, art, architecture, tradition, culture, etc., with the toy. Thus, he also emerged as his audience’s great guide and influencer.

With 6 years of journey, the content creator says that photography and traveling have beautifully evolved him. From bringing new ideas to the world to acting as a healing medicine in challenging days, photography and traveling have taught him timing, perfection, patience, and the power of focus. Along with punctuality and perseverance, his passion led him to focus on essential matters for outstanding results.

Every journey is a beautiful fusion of ups and downs, hurdles and achievements, appreciation and disappointments. Our photographer Ayush Devpura has also tasted the spices of life. While traveling and capturing, he also faces several problems, like if he is exploring in a group, people around him often feel uncomfortable. At some architectural monuments and heritage sites, bringing a plastic toy isn’t permissible. Sometimes, it is hard for him to escape from the kids who keep asking him if they can have his toy. But, his love for cameras and tickets keeps him motivated every day to capture the world incredibly.

He further adds that he wants to capture epic England from his camera, which is also the origin of the JCB UK company. He also wants to explore Puducherry in India to taste the city’s diverse influence of the Dutch, Portuguese, British, and French cultures. But being Rajasthani by blood, his fondness for Rajasthani cuisine and heritage urges him to visit Bundi first.

The young photographer has shown the world the power and the joy. And the joy of success after following your passion. He mentioned that his journey with the toy is his contribution to his academic field of civil engineering. VBee is equally amazed and happy to have him on this growing platform of Venuezz. We wish him nothing less than new milestones and huge success in his field. May the camera hold his smiles and skills forever.

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