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India – the land of origin of Yoga. Yoga has been one of India’s outstanding contributions to global development. According to some Hindu mythologies, Yoga originated in India 5000 years back. Though, the evidence of Yoga can be traced to Indus Valley Civilizations.

On 21 June, “International Yoga Day” was celebrated worldwide. The word Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word, “Yuji,” which means union. In simple words, Yoga unites mind and soul together. Yoga is defined as an ancient Indian practice that integrates breathing exercises, meditations, and poses to relieve stress and encourage relaxation.

Just like in ancient times, India still participates in Yoga education worldwide. Several eminent Indian personalities are spreading the importance of Yoga around the globe. Well, VBee knows Swami Ramdev is the first name we all imagine after hearing the word Yoga. That’s true, though; the contribution of Swami Ramdev in creating Yoga awareness in the world is valuable.

But, in this blog, VBee is gonna tell you the story of some Indian Instagrammers bringing life to Yoga by Instagram. Below is the list of Top 5 Indian Yoga Influencers on Instagram (as of 22.06.2022).

Sunaina Rekhi

If you scroll down the Instagram profile of Sunaina Rekhi, you won’t believe that this fit and enthusiastic woman is in her 40s and has a teen kid. All that to Yoga, she proudly calls herself a Yogini. She influences her audience about self-care and fitness. She is beautifully creating a physical wellness drive through Yoga and Exercise in this modern world.

Instagram: @sunaina_rekhi
No. of Followers: 137 K
Achievement: Yoga representative for India at UN.
Profession: Lifestyle Influencer

Sunaina Rekhi_venuezz
Sunaina Rekhi_venuezz

Ira Trivedi

The Yoga influencer Ira Trivedi is honored as BBC’s 100 most influential. She is a Yogi and a writer by profession. She is the founder of yoglove, an online yoga class.

Instagram: @iratrivedi
No. of Followers: 269 K
Achievement: Bestselling author of 11 books. Trustee at Namami Yoga.
Profession: Yoga Trainer

Ira Trivedi_venuezz
Ira Trivedi_venuezz

Radhika Bose

Yoga trainer Radhika Bose is also a TEDx Speaker. She is a fitness freak and lifestyle blogger. Along with Yoga and fitness, Radhika Bose is also passionate about traveling. And she loves to keep her audience updated with the travel content and posts.

Instagram: @yogasini
No. of Followers: 549 K
Achievement: Yogasini YouTube Channel
Profession: Content Creator

Radhika Bose_venuezz
Radhika Bose_venuezz

Deepika Mehta

The 44 years old Deepika Mehta has been famous for teaching Ashtanga Yoga Technique in India. In 2015, she was a muse for Elle India’s Fitness Campaign. She also owns a professional website (www.deepikamehtayoga.com), where she provides online yoga training sessions.

Instagram: @deepikamehtayoga
No. of Followers: 246 K
Achievement: Trained Priyanka Chopra on her fitness regimen for film, Don.
Profession: Fitness Instructor

Deepika Mehta_venuezz
Deepika Mehta_venuezz

Ishwari Patil

The 26 years old, Ishwari Patil has been one of the youngest yoga trainers in India. Recently, residing in India, the young yoga trainer is offering different online yoga collaborations and consultations.

Instagram: @_ishwari_
No. of Followers: 52.2 K
Achievement: Also a GNC Athlete
Profession: Psychotherapist

Ishwari Patil_venuezz
Ishwari Patil_venuezz

Undoubtedly, India continues to be the source of Yoga education in the world. If there is any other name you want to see in the list, you can mention it in the comment box. VBee would love to know about your favorite Indian Yoga Trainer.

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