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Planning your next staycation or workation in the city of lakes, Udaipur, and looking for the right property to plan your stay. Well, what if we tell you about a peaceful, green, luxurious, and aesthetic resort situated far away from the city’s sound and crowd?

On Venuezz, VBees keep bringing you the most remarkable properties and influencers from the world. We love telling you the fantastic and unique features of various hospitality units in India. In this blog, VBee is here to tell you about one fabulous private estate, Mulberry Araliayas Resort and Spa, Udaipur. The property is well-known for its unparalleled experience and scenic location in Udaipur.

VBee was invited to experience a memorable lifetime stay at this beautiful place. It took us hardly thirty minutes to reach Mulberry Araliayas from Udaipur’s Monsoon Palace. When VBee reached there, we were warmly welcomed by the staff and manager with drinks and snacks. Must add here that chefs at Mulberry Araliayas serve such mouth-watering and yummy snacks.

Though there are numerous resorts and private estates in Udaipur, one thing that makes Mulberry Araliayas different is the calmness and greenery of the surrounding. Situated at a short distance from the central city, in the lap of the Aravalli Ranges and protected forest land on the other three sides, make Mulberry Araliayas a tranquil, calm, and green estate. And warm hospitality, cleanliness inside the property, and friendly staff serve the icing on the cake.

 Later, we were taken for a property tour. Mulberry Araliayas has three subcategories of rooms; each is treated with the same dignity and hospitality.

1. Executive Garden Room

2. Deluxe Garden Room

3. Suite Room

The three categories were well-maintained, fully furnished, and spacious bathrooms and balconies. Adding to your astonishment, all these rooms face the central garden of the property. While you can enjoy a deeply relaxing bath in the attached bathrooms, you can also order an intimate lunch on your balcony.

In the evening, VBee went to nearby tourist locations like Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace, Sajjangarh Biological Park and Zoological Garden. That’s another benefit of staying at Mulberry Araliayas Resort; you can also enjoy the breathtaking and panoramic views of Sajjangarh Palace. The city market is also not too far. You can quickly get a cab or taxi to market Hathi Pol and wander in local artisans’ shops and grab some authentic Rajasthani goods.

Later in the evening, the management team invited us for dinner in their famous Oasis- Garden Dining, an open poolside dining area. This is definitely the most romantic, happening, and vibrant corner of Mulberry Araliayas Resort. Imagine how beautiful it sounds to have a romantic, intimate candlelit dinner with your loved human under the moonlight. Apart from Oasis Garden Dining, the property has two other food courts:

1. Ambrosia – the multicuisine restaurant: Ambrosia is an indoor restaurant of Mulberry Araliayas Resort, Udaipur, which is famous for the buffet along with an à la carte menu.

2. Upper Deck – the lounge: Upper Deck is a rooftop dining in Mulberry Araliayas Resort, Udaipur. Here you can experience sunset with greenery all around or candlelight dining amid the sky full of stars.

As told before, the chefs here are well-trained in serving you delicious mouth-watering dishes. While they have a mix of continental and Indian cuisine, we tried their Paneer Tikka Masala, Pasta, and Pizza as starters, and a proper authentic Rajasthani Cuisine for main course. For desserts their Gulab Jamun were just next level yum. And, it was absolutely meeting the benchmark of any popular restaurant in Udaipur. Also, keeping personal space and quality time in mind, the management facilitates access to a small garden area for private dining. So, here’s the sign why you should book Mulberry Araliayas Resort for your honeymoon trip in Udaipur.

The other memorable experience at Mulberry Araliayas Resort, Udaipur, is rejuvenating and relaxing spa therapies. You can enjoy a wellness spa at Mulberry Araliayas to escape everyday stress and hustle. Families and couples all around were enjoying their best time at the resort. If you are a family person, VBee is damn sure that your kids will love this place because of its different gaming zones and kids’ park. While you can enjoy table tennis and carrom in the indoor gaming space, your kids can take the fun of swings and slides in the parking area.

There is also an outdoor gaming space in Mulberry that has arrangements for archery, AXE throw, and rifle shooting. Personally, VBee enjoyed a deep dive in their giant swimming pool the most. A conference hall also has the capacity of attending 500+ guests and can be used for destination weddings in Udaipur as well as for professional meetings.

Talking about the vibe of the place, it was such a relaxing and soothing experience to stay in Mulberry Araliayas Resort. Surrounded by greenery and gardens on all three sides, you can explore a variety of flora here, especially in the winter when the tourist season and the blooming season in Udaipur are at their peak.

In fact, we came to know that local residents of Udaipur, often enjoy driving from the city to reach here on weekends, where they enjoy exotic games, lunch/dinners and a day out with their family and friends. Apart from that, the resort is a prime choice for weekend getaways in Udaipur, pool parties in Udaipur, kitty parties and intimate destination weddings in the city of lakes.

That’s how our three-day stay ends at Mulberry Araliayas Resort, Udaipur. VBee would definitely recommend it if you are a nature admirer obsessed with flowers and serenity. If you want to plan your stay at Mulberry Araliayas Resort, here is the link to avail yourself of some handsome discounts.

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