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Udaipur is indeed one of the charismatic cities of India. While the sturdy Aravalli ranges cover the city from one side, numerous majestic lakes, such as Lake Pichola, Lake Badi, Lake Bagela, Fateh Sagar, etc., decorate the interiors of the city. That’s why Udaipur is also known as the city of lakes. Tourists and historians worldwide come here to explore the beauty and history of the Indian state.

Many hostels, hotels, resorts, and other accommodation options are available within the city. You can go through thorough research before choosing the right option to plan your stay.

One such well-known resort in Udaipur is Palm Valley Dritan Resort which is famous for its serenity and spacious location. Team Venuezz was invited by Palm Valley Dritan Resort to experience a 2-day stay experience. And in this blog, we will share every minute detail of our stay experience at Palm Valley Resort, Udaipur.

Have a Virtual Reality (VR) experience of the property

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So our team started its journey to Palm Valley Dritan Resort, Udaipur, early in the morning from the City Center. It hardly took us minutes to get there as the distance of the resort from NH 48 is around 5 km. Located in the lap of Aravalli hills, Palm Valley Dritan Resort is rated as a 4-star resort in Udaipur. The atmosphere of the place was calm and serene. Furthermore, it is covered with a lush green lawn in the surrounding, giving it a more charismatic appearance. 

Adding a general point here, Palm Valley Dritan Resort, as the name suggests, is owned and maintained by Dritan Hospitality Group, Udaipur. The primary Dritan Hospitality building is located 9 km away from the City Palace, Udaipur. There are many other resorts and hotels under Dritan Hospitality, including Palm Valley Resort and Amaltas Villa, Udaipur. 

Dritan Hospitality group is known for its warm hospitality in Rajasthan. Several resorts and hotels under Dritan Hospitality are suitable for all age groups and are known for their world-class amenities.

After receiving a welcome from the management, we were taken to our room. Palm Valley Resort has three classifications of rooms under it:

  1. Suite Room: Most suitable for families.
  2. Elegance Room: A spacious and luxurious accommodation option.
  3. Comfort Room: As the name suggests, this is a comfortable accommodation option at Palm Valley Resort, Udaipur.

The best part of all elegance and comfort rooms is that you can enjoy the refreshing view of lawns and gardens from their windows. With all the modern facilities and amenities, you can appreciate the wonders of nature. If you are a nature admirer, you should definitely plan a stay at Palm Valley Dritan Resort.

After that, our team members took a hot water bath in the luxury bathroom attached. All bathroom toiletries and linen were available there. It was relaxing and soothing enough after the hectic day. None of us were in the mood to eat anything. So we went aside to the gaming area, where we had fun enjoying board games. There were plenty of other options available. Watching the sunset from their swimming pool area was another level of happiness. 

By evening we returned to our room, where we were served a freshly prepared 100% vegetarian meal from their in-house restaurant. You can order a different type of food, where you feel the traditional taste. Interacting with others, we know that their in-house restaurant is famous for Rajasthani Cuisine.

Later, we went to relax and sit in the garden side for stargazing. One of the most significant advantages of staying in a resort away from the city hustle is a clear, extensive, pollution-free sky twinkling with thousands of stars.

That’s how our first day ended at Palm Valley Dritan resort. In the morning, we went to the swimming pool to bathe. The giant swimming pool in the center of the property is satisfying enough to take all your stress away. There only, we were served a mouth-watering breakfast. Must add here that a good breakfast makes your entire day great. 

The resorts also own some organic farms where they grow organic vegetables, which are used to serve delicious and healthy meals to their customers. The management also told us that they provide some adventurous sports like trekking and horse riding, but have another plan to visit local tourist locations nearby.

We booked a cab to Nandeshwar Mahadev, a Hindu shrine a mere 1 km away from Palm Valley Dritan Resort, Udaipur. On our way, we also explored Nandeshwar Dam. The scene of the location was eye candy. The cool breeze and variety of fauna were strong enough to make your heart skip a beat. That’s another benefit of staying at Palm Valley Resort. You are close to several tourist attractions.

After having fun there, we returned to Palm Valley Resort, packed our baggage, and said goodbye to the warm staff. That’s the summary of VBee experience in Palm Valley Dritan Resort, Udaipur.

If you are looking for an affordable yet spacious option to stay in Udaipur, you can consider Palm Valley Resort. If you’re a hospitality brand that wants to tell its specialty to the world. Connect with us
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