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Cruise vacations are definitely the best choice to escape from the city hustle-bustle. And, the land of beautiful destinations, India has some fabulous cruise vacations to rejuvenate your soul. These cruise vacations take you away from city noise and street lights and drop you to the beautiful riverside towns. Listed below are the top 5 cruise trips in India that can be your next exotic vacation.

The Golden Triangle Cruise

The Golden Triangle Cruise is a short but sweet journey. Starting from New Delhi, the cruise ends in Kolkata. It is a 12 days long cruise vacation. It also lets you explore the colors of Rajasthan. The specialty of this tour is that it is a land-water vacation. Oberoi hotels maintain the land-stay at various locations.

The Golden Triangle Cruise_venuezz
The Golden Triangle Cruise_venuezz

Region covered: New Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Kolkata

River: Ganges

Duration: 12 days total, 6 days on land, and 7 nights on board.

Approx. package price: INR 5000 onwards

Significance: Witness majestic monuments, and explore Islamic and Persian influence in Northern India.

Sundarbans Boat Cruise

Sundarbans cruise vacation is the best way to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of Sundarbans, West Bengal. Explore the mangrove forests and drizzling rivers during your vacation at Sundarbans Boat Cruise. It is one of the best cruise vacations in India.

Sundarbans Boat Cruise_venuezz
Sundarbans Boat Cruise_venuezz

Region covered: Sundarbans

River: Brahmaputra

Duration: 4 days and 3 nights.

Approx. package price: INR 3000 onwards

Significance: Explore Sundarbans tiger reserve and amazing views of Sundarbans delta.

Kerala Backwater Cruise

Can we even consider not including God’s own country in this list? Kerala backwater cruise is widely known for its picturesque beauty. During this cruise trip in India, you can enjoy your chance to visit the traditional rice-cultivating towns of India.

Kerala Backwater Cruise_venuezz
Kerala Backwater Cruise_venuezz

Region covered: Alleppey

River: Mainly, Pallathuruthy river

Duration: 3 days and 2 nights.

Approx. package price: INR 5000 onwards

Significance: During your cruise journey, you can enjoy the different species of birds and insects, including mudskippers, crabs, kingfishers, turtles, and frogs.

Andaman Islands Glass Bottom Cruise

Andaman Islands Glass Bottom Cruise is one of the fascinating cruise vacations in India. The cruise departs from India with a glass bottom surface that lets you explore the beauty of underwater.

Andaman Islands Glass Bottom Cruise_venuezz
Andaman Islands Glass Bottom Cruise_venuezz

Region covered: Andaman

River: The North Bay

Duration: 5 days and 4 nights.

Approx. package price: INR 17,500 onwards

Significance: Explore some exotic islands, including Jolly Buoy and Neil Island of coral beef.

(Do you know that Andaman is also counted as one of the top summer wedding destinations in India)

Goa Cruise

If you’re looking for unlimited fun and entertainment, Goa Cruise is one of India’s most entertaining cruise vacations. You can even plan a cruise from Mumbai to Goa with your loved one for a romantic getaway.

Goa Cruise_venuezz
Goa Cruise_venuezz

Region covered: Goa.

River: Mandovi River and Zuari bay

Duration: Different cruises offer a different course of vacation in the Goa River, though most offer 2 days and 3 nights long.

Approx. package price: INR 6500 onwards

Significance: Enjoy the sunset with a glass of beer and witness the ethnicity of Goan villages and culture.

It’s high time to experience a perfect cruise vacation via Indian waterways. Have you ever experienced a boat ride in your life? If yes, tell us your first boat ride experience in the comment box below.

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