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Founded in 1990, G20 is an international association that brings 19 countries and the European Union together to plan an economic agenda. Expanded as the Group of Twenty, G20 is an international forum that seeks inter-country cooperation on critical financial and economic aspects. 

This year, i.e., 2022-23, India is presiding over the G20 summit. As per the calendar issued by the authority, there will be around 190 meetings at the G20 summit for 2022-23. And the beginning of this series will start from the beautiful Udaipur.

Yeah, the city of lakes has the privilege to host the first meeting of the international G20 summit 2022-23. Here is a blog stating everything about the G20 conference 2022-23.

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Member countries of the G20 Summit?

A total of 19 countries and the European Union are members of the G20 Forum. Those 19 countries include:

1. Argentina
2. Australia
3. Brazil
4. Canada
5. China

6. Germany
7. France
8. India
9. Indonesia
10. Italy

11. Japan
12. Mexico
13. Russia
14. Saudi Arabia
15. South Africa

16. South Korea
17. Turkey
18. United Kingdom
19. United States of America

When will the first meeting of the G20 summit 2022-23 be held?

As per the dates released, the first meeting of the G20 summit 2022-23 will be held from 5-7 December in Udaipur. And the city of lakes has already begun the preparation for the same. For the first time, Udaipur is welcoming such an international geo-political meeting.

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Importance of the G20 summit for Udaipur:

The first meeting of the G20 summit 2022-23 is announced to be held in Udaipur. It will be an international facelift for the city of the lakes. Udaipur is already an acclaimed tourist destination in India. With the upcoming G20 Summit Sherpa Meet in Udaipur, more funds, directly or indirectly, will be invested in the infrastructure, hospitality, and tourism of the city. This will attract more global tourists to the City of Lake.

Udaipur has always been an excellent destination for the global tourist map. But the global pandemic has put an unwanted break on the evergreen tourism of Udaipur. Because of this, even the economic sector has also suffered. But the Sherpa meeting of the G20 Summit will restore the confidence of Udaipur and its tourism sector.

Similarly, Udaipur’s airport, Maharana Pratap Airport, is all set to receive its international airport tag. Some political agenda and other facilities are holding it back, but with the upcoming G20 meeting, these issues will indeed be solved.

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How is Udaipur preparing for the G20 summit 2022-23?

Several resorts and hotels in Udaipur are known as the kings of the hospitality sector. Though, the exact venue of the meeting has yet to be announced. But it is expected that the Darbar Hall of the City Palace will be the venue of the Sherpa meet of the G20 summit. At the same time, eminent hospitality tycoons, including Fateh Prakash Palace, Hotel Udai Villa, and the Leela Palace, will serve as accommodation for the leader and delegates of the meeting.

The guests and delegates will be served the royal dinner at Jag Mandir in December. The menu will include great Indian cuisine and multi-cuisine from the participating countries. Talking about other preparations, the home department of the Rajasthan Government has directed the collector of the city Tara Chand Meena to look after the entire preparation of the event. He has also asked to look after the security and safety of the event. 

Indeed, the G20 summit is the greatest international event in business relations, foreign investment, tourism, industrial growth, and political and diplomatic standing. And all we hope for is the success of Indian democracy in hosting this high-potential event.

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