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Rajasthan has been the seat to so many different ruling dynasties for a long time. One such historical region that witnessed some great battles, a forever-to-be-celebrated cultural diversity, and an unforgettable era is that of Mewar. It is located in the south-central direction of the Indian state, covering areas including but not limited to Chittorgarh, Rajasmand, Pratapgarh, Neemuch, and Udaipur. 

As mentioned, Mewar has been the seat of many unique traditions, festivals, and cultural heritage. The famous Mewar Festival of Udaipur is one such tradition that has thrived for so long. It is celebrated to welcome the spring season with grand functions and many events. Additionally, the Mewar Festival is one of the prime reasons why tourists from all over the country flock to Rajasthan during the days the festival is organized.

When is Mewar Festival celebrated?

The Mewar Festival 2023 will be celebrated in March and April, right before the onset of spring. To be more specific, the dates for the events are declared as March 24 to March 26 this year. So, if you plan to join the festivals, you can plan a trip to Udaipur to reach there by March 22 at the most. 

Since the rush to the city is relatively high, getting a proper accommodation and arranging the entire itinerary won’t be easy if you plan your arrival on March 23.

How to reach Udaipur to celebrate the Mewar Festival?

Udaipur is one of the most popular cities in Rajasthan. It is connected with several other cities in India through railways, bus roads, and flights. So, if you are concerned with your arrival to the city and the route, here are some ways to try out.

  1. Udaipur has a famous airport named Maharana Pratap Airport. You can get a connecting or direct flight from your city to Udaipur quickly. You can book your tickets three to four months prior to the travel date to get discounts.
  2. Whether you want to travel to Udaipur from any other city in Rajasthan or the nearby states, opting for the state-operated RTC buses will be better. However, you can go for AC or Deluxe buses at your convenience to ensure the journey becomes comfortable and enjoyable.
  3. One of the best ways to reach Udaipur to celebrate the Mewar Festival 2023 is by opting for the Maharaja Express railway.

What does history have to say about the Mewar Festival?

The Mewar Festival in Udaipur is considered one of the significant celebrations in the entire Rajasthan, given that it has roots deeply connected with history, cultural vibrance, and harmony. According to historical evidence, the Sisodia Dynasty organized the Mewar Festival for the first time. Maharana Udai Singh once met a religious person while following his usual hunting practices.

The man was meditating atop a hill, which you can still see from the Pichola Lake in Udaipur. He blessed Maharana and asked him to build a palace on the hilltop where he meditated. This is now popularly known as the Udaipur Palace. 

People began celebrating the Mewar Festival to mark the birth of Udaipur City. Later on, several sentiments and purposes amalgamated together. Now, the festival is organized to welcome the spring season and pay tribute to the grandeur and magnificence of the Udaipur Palace and the city itself.

What happens at the Mewar Festival?

To know more about how the Mewar festival of Udaipur is celebrated, the following points will give you a brief tour of the city.

  1. At least a week before the celebrations, all the hotels, buildings, houses, and architecture are decked up beautifully with lights and other decorations.
  2. Tourists start flooding the city of Udaipur from various countries worldwide, not just India. 
  3. The hustle and bustle increases in the city as you can feel the vibrancy and enthusiasm in the atmosphere, signifying the dawn of the famous Mewar Festival 2023.
  4. Shopping markets and bazaars are crowded as people buy traditional clothes to celebrate the grandeur.
  5. On the day of the festival, you will see everyone wearing the traditional clothes of Rajasthan. The ambiance takes a significant leap, and you can feel the charge and happiness in the air.
  6. The best part of the festival is that it coincides with the famous Gangaur Festival. So all the Rajasthani women dressed in traditional clothes and worship Gangaur or Goddess Parvati, followed by Isar or Lord Shiva. These idols are made of mud and decked up beautifully with traditional Rajasthani clothes.
  7. The traditional Rajasthani dessert, Ghevar, is prepared and sold at almost every other shop during the Mewar Festival.
  8. The images of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva are carried through the streets of Udaipur City till they reach the famous Gangaur Ghat at the Pichola Lake.
  9. Once everyone reaches their transport into boats specially decorated with flowers, lamps, and lights. The boats proceed further toward the lake’s center, where the pictures are immersed in the deep waters.
  10. Throughout the two days, folk dances, musical events, and several programs are being performed.
  11. The festival ends with a beautiful, extraordinary fireworks display that lights up the night sky.
Mewar Festival_venuezz


With this, we now put an end to discussing the Mewar festival in Udaipur. From the events listed above, it’s evident how culturally vibrant Udaipur is and the importance of this festival for everyone living there. If you genuinely want to feel the exuberance of Rajasthani culture and Rajputana, visit Udaipur during the Mewar Festival and become a part of it.